Friday, August 22, 2008

HowTo: Have Windows fonts in Mint (or Ubuntu) [Link fixed]

You may be saying, "Why the heck would I want MICROSOFT FONTS in my awesome linux"
Well, most sites where designed to be viewed with Microsoft/Windows fonts and the pages were created with those fonts in mind. Therefore, most sites look ALOT better with windows fonts.
For example, try going to in a fresh install of ubuntu or mint, the page looks messed up and the fonts look too bold. Here's what yahoo looks like after the howto is completed:
As you can see, it looks much better.
I'm not dissing linux/mint or anything here, i just think the fonts look better this way. I have gone from using Windows XP to using Linux exclusively. This works/ has been tested in Linux Mint 3.0 and Standard Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty.
1. back up your /etc/fonts folder somewhere just to be safe =)
2. Run the following command in terminal
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sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts

3. Download the following: ... 5B1%5D.tbz
edit 1/12/08: sorry about the broken link..that's free hosts for ya..fixed
EDIT: Please use the default download link above, unless it's not working. here are a few mirrors just in case (please try the links in order):

4. Extract all of the files in the .tbz into the folder "/etc/fonts"
5. Log off and log back on
6. Enjoy!

This is my first howto so tell me if anything is wrong!
Also, please leave feedback.

To restore the old font style, delete the file in your "/etc/fonts" folder called "local.conf" then log off and the fonts will be normal. If that doesn't work, you can delete everything in your /etc/fonts folder and replace it with the backup you made. Also, thanks to whoever made this a sticky :wink:

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