Friday, August 22, 2008

How to:Wireless WiFi on Fujitsu Amilo Li1718 Laptop

This chipset has been used in some Toshiba & Fujitsu Laptops like the Amilo LI1718 & probably a lot of others as well.

To install the drivers download the install script at the link below to your home folder:

1. Now open a shell

2. type: chmod 755

3. type: sudo ./ setup

Thats it everything is automated and you just have to wait for it to finish.
When it has finished you will need to reboot to activate everything.
In the Mint KDE version click the Knetwork manager then select the network you wish to connect to and enter ant security details. These will then be stored in KDE wallet.
I'm not to sure what you do in Gnome or XFCE desktops but the drivers will work on both.
This script was primarily written for the Fujitsu Amilo Li1718 Laptop but should work on any other that uses the Atheros AR5007EG WiFI chipset.

This script will work on all versions of MINT (Cassandra, Celina & Daryna)

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