Friday, August 22, 2008

Have Firefox 2 & 3 use separate profiles

For Elyssa:
1st install Firefox 2 and when asked make sure to Press KEEP to keep the files for Linux Mints Bookmarks and settings.(example: disabled ipv6)

You have already ran Firefox 3 to get here and is set to use the default profile.
So to launch Firefox 2 open terminal and Run this command.
Code: Select all
firefox-2 -ProfileManager

Create Profile --> Next
Chose Folder

Create folder and name it firefox2
Now press open

Enter new profile name:

Click Next

Select the profile default and make sure Don't ask at startup IS checked

Start Firefox (so Firefox 3 will use this by Default)
Now close firefox-2

Now to Edit Firefox-2 launcher
Run from terminal:
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gksu gedit /usr/applications/firefox-2.desktop

Code: Select all
kdesu kate /usr/applications/firefox-2.desktop

XFCE CE and Fluxbox CE
Code: Select all
gksu mousepad /usr/applications/firefox-2.desktop

Edit line 67
Code: Select all
Exec=firefox-2 %u
Code: Select all
Exec="firefox-2 -P firefox2 %u"

Save and exit.

Now open Firefox 2 and check the bookmarks are not the same ones as in Firefox 3.

To import bookmarks from Firefox 3:

Close Firefox 2 and open Firefox 3.

Open the Bookmarks menu and click Organize Bookmarks.
Now Click Import and Backup --> Export HTML...

Save as bookmarks.html to the Home folder.

Close Firefox 3 and open Firefox 2

Open the Bookmarks menu and click Organize Bookmarks.

Now Click File and import

Open the bookmarks.html that was saved from Firefox 3

Now reorganize them the way you want them.

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